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exhibition: 100 Experiments

opening: 2019 August (exhibition dates:16.08 - 26.09)project theme: How inspiration moves?

location: Berlin - AEDES Architecture Forum

project by Anna Butele, Annvil -  interior architecture agency in Riga

credits: Belçim Yavuz, Ance Stepniece, Rihard Bebris, Juris Sarmons


my role: Starting from the concept for exhibition’s design, I have prepared multiple models/drawings/collages/stories representing various design options. In the second phase, I have completed the design of the exhibition (in collabration with Ance Stepniece), led by Anna Butele’s comments

3. Kolaj alltan yukarı bakış a2.jpg

"Inspiration is a driving force in creative design processes. In architecture, it provides important impulses for the development of concepts and approaches, often in unexpected and unforeseeable ways.


Latvian designer Anna Butele, of studio Annvil in Riga explores the notion of inspiration in a levitating installation: 100 works materialize from a collaborative experimental project. Drawings, graphics, photographs, and models by renowned architects from 28 countries form a chain—each contribution is a reaction inspired by the previous work. Personal statements by the architects themselves frame the exhibition installation, allowing the audience to immerse itself in the inspirational impulses essential to creative work processes.

The chain starts with his interpretation of the work and the concept of 'inspiration' then passes to following architects of his choice and goes on with the same principle: 'a reaction inspired by the previous work'. 100 renowned architects from 28 countries answered:

1. What is inspiration?

2. What inspires you?

"Continuing the chain of inspiration, contributions have been made by renowned architects from 28 countries, including Suo Fujimoto (Japan), Minsuk Cho (South Korea), Alexander Savvich Brodsky (Russia), Bijoy Jain (India), Tom Wiscombe (USA), Manuel Aires Mateus (Portugal), Do Ho Suh (South Korea), Marina Tabassum (Bangladesh), Renato Rizzi (Italy), Jürgen Mayer H. (Germany), Derek Dellekamp (Mexico), and Peter Stutchbury (Australia). "

text reference: Aedes Architecture Forum

100 Experiments’ brings together a sequence of 100 works, each of which is functioning both as a source of inspiration as well as an interpretative product for the following. Originating from a single of which go back to a single initial event: In 2017, Anna Butele handed Theo Van Doesburg’s painting ‘The Rhythm of a Russian Dance’ (1918) to an architect. "

The second collage represents the idea of a moment of darkness which exposes the conection
lines between works, thus architects. The planned dark moment’s aim was to add an element of
surprise and reveal the network of 100 architecs.

poster 1.jpg

Initial conceptual drawings:

Deriving from the Idea of layering and lightness of inspiration, entries by architects are placed on the transparent layers. Transparent layers follow the chain principle which starts from 1 and grows to 100.

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