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Live Performances:

21.07.2023 @Non-Machines exhibition, Weimar

16.09.2022 @Summaery, Weimar

Project Design & Direction: Belcim Yavuz
Installation & Costume Design: Hüseyin Özer
Sound Design & Live Performance: Stefan Klötzer, Saeid Shafiei
Performance:  Belcim Yavuz, Emil Torp, Eva Girzalsky, Fah Assau
Laura Eleana Bein, Maya Nathalie Gomez, Thai Tai Pham

Documentation: Vivi Morais 

Duration: about  40min.

It is an interdisciplinary performance in the scope of my master's thesis with 7 performers and musicians. The piece is about 40 min. movement-based performance and includes an improvisational part and a choreographed part. The sound accompanying is also partially improvised with Trompet, and partially designed.


Imagine a machine that is programmed to perform one task,

                    the reason for its existence is a task to fulfill…

Now run for your life,

type on your laptop the whole day,

turn around till you faint…

Repeat doing whatever you came to this world for!

Fulfill your human purpose!

Lefebvre writes: “Humans break themselves in [se dressent] like animals. They learn to hold themselves. Dressage can go a long way: as far as breathing, movement, sex. It bases itself on repetition. One breaks-in another human living being by making them repeat a certain act, a certain gesture or movement” (2004

We are recreating ourselves and our reflections in every machine we've made. Is AI becoming more and more human? Or are we gradually becoming mere robots that are programmed to fulfill some tasks while being forced to repeat certain actions in order to be disciplined, tamed, and kept under control... Veiling our animalistic parts to reach the civilized versions of ourselves. How can we break the cycle of this regulated mechanism called life?


The ephemerality of human life is what distinguishes us from machines; we have a rather limited time on this earth. Can we break the repetitive cycle of life while playing with death and time? Can we discover the transformative power of repetition and research the concepts of discipline / limits / connection? We will first erase ourselves and our identities to discover other ways of being. Eventually, we will celebrate the death, life, and time that we have on this earth.

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