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interior project: Džimbas Skola
location: Riga -
Centrs Dardedze - an ngo that advocates for childhood free from abuse.
project by Annvil - interior architecture agency in Riga
project theme: Džimba is a program with the aim of children’s education on sexual abusement.
project design: Belçim Yavuz & Ance Stepniece

my role: I started the project from the draft, made the design decisions (in collaboration with Ance Stepniece) led by Anna Butele’s comments. Since it is a donated project, I also took part in installing/renovating in order to help the Center.


Entrance Part: where kids leave their
coats, shoes and start the journey


Secret gate: a passage to the next room

Dzimba’s reading corner: where he tells
the stories and show the pictures on the book.

Džimba program is an education program that is organized as regular tours for the children with the aim of educating them on sexual abusement. Based on the story of a imaginative character:


Džimba, children are invited to have a tour through where Dzimba lives; his guest room, his study room and his dining room. Throughout the tour, Dzimba tells children the stories, informing them on the concepts of: privacy, individuality, saying No to the strangers, private body parts, good and bad touches, not judging strangers just by their look, asking for help ...

The design was shaped according to the story of this tour and dominated by the elements of :
sound, tactile sensation and color.

Double-end pipes: Kids can listen and scream
to each other
Mirror&drawer:: learning the private objetcs                        

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