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festival: Vides Deja 201/Environment Dance 

the coexistence of man and nature in the city.

May, 2019 

Riga, Latvia

performance: “Paisums/Bēgums” / "Tide"

choreography: Edgars Šļakotas

dramaturgy: Laura Lapiņa


Belçim Yavuz

Elina Mucina

Riccardo Venezia

Melanija Freimane


"The International Contemporary Dance Festival “Environmental Dance 2019” invited to see and experience five site-specific performances of environmental dance, which took place in Andrejsala and Viesturdārzs.
Theme: the coexistence of man and nature in the city.
The productions have been made in collaboration with the World Wide Fund for Nature, which provides choreographers advice and information on the Baltic Sea and fish resources in it, "Rīgas mežiem", which introduced artists to the life of parks in today's Riga, as well as GRIF, which took care of work clothes and human protection."

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