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graduation project: garbage

location: Moscow - next to Melnikov's Novoryazanskaya Bus Garage


initial research about Utopia - Constructivism - Social Condensers


references: 'Spaces of Hope', David Harvey

                'Actually existing social condensers:

                on the mundanity of Soviet Modernism', Owen Hatherley

                'Russia', Richard Anderson



1. manifesto

utopia can be never realized without destroying itself


2. what makes a city a utopia?

a research on constructivism

and site analysis of Bus Garage


3.PAFTA- plan- mekan SON.jpg

3. what moves our collective body - TODAY?

a synthesis for the image of 'gar(b)age'



1. Manifesto:  1. What is wrong with Utopias?

                           2. Revolution or Architecture?

                           3. Is body measure of all things?

                           4. How to escape from paradise to reach the promised land?


3.PAFTA- plan- mekan SON.jpg
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