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r/evolution of architects : a poster series 

2016 fall

TUM - Technical University of Munich - Munich

Prof. Stephan Trüby - Dip.Ing. Liska Surkemper

collaboration with İrem Korkmaz

Sharp and instant, an advertisement is a communicative medium that promotes ideas.


Reading pages of theoretical texts lead to a broad understanding, yet one line may even be stronger and more fertile. It can echo through diverse concepts over and over.


R/evolution Of Architects resonates with the historical contexts while it is open to new forms of interactions. Readers are invited to contribute to discussions with their own interpretations.

1. Revolution or Architecture.jpg

Advertisements were first introduced to architecture by Bernard Tschumi, where he examined ‘the dissociation between the immediacy of spatial experience and the analytical definition of theoretical concepts’. Sharing the same medium, R/evolution of Architects intends to unfold the contradictions in architectural practice, which were off the beaten path.


R/Evolution of Architects focuses on the roles and domains of the architects by using reduction in an ironic and provocative tone. It questions the real-life equivalences of architectural debates. Are the architects capable of changing the given orders or are they led by external power mechanisms? Is architecture evolutionary or revolutionary?

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