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performative urban atmospheres: a-maze

2016 spring

ITU - Istanbul Technical University - Istanbul

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Funda Uz, Research Assistant Furkan Balcı

çizim lab - 2 - Kopya.jpg

a-maze “urban choreography”, An installation project in Eskisehir, Turkey.




The field in the middle of the city blocks in central Eskisehir is a corridor which was emptied after the removal of the railways to underground. A part of 2km of railways had moved underground, thus the city has gained a corridor shaped terrain of with a width of 18 meters.


“Man walks in a straight line because he has a goal and knows where he is going...The pack-donkey meanders along...he zigzags in order to avoid to larger stones...he takes the line of least resistance” Le Corbusier


In a time that the roads are shaped straigth on gridal system to avoid the encounters thus possible riots, creating organic ways with the help of design logic of a maze means open up possibilities of gatherings in urban spaces. This project aims to allow inhabitants to experience a participatory urban space by opening possibilities for encounters, surprises, meetings and gatherings through a set of paths that shapes human senses, movements, actions and decisions.


The following is the visauls of fragmentation of possible scenarios in the labyrinth.

" July 1689, Louis XIV sat down and wrote a guide to the magnificent garden. His itinerary takes the form of a carefully prepared choreography of walking, pausing and turning. From the main avenues with their grand vistas the visitor is invited to make detours into bosquets and other closed spaces; special attention is paid to the fountains, their jets, cascades and mirrors of water.

In Louis’ choreography, the garden is a place to experience through corporeal movements..." 

Body, Movement, Space. Baraque revisited, Marten Snickare

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p6- koridor kolaj - 2.jpg
p6- koridor plan diagram.jpg
 underground labyrinth section in Eskişehir

"The labyrinth is not a safe space, but the disoriented space of someone who has lost his way, whether he has had the good fortune to transform the steps he is taking into a dance, or more banally has let spatial intoxication lead him astray: the labyrinth is drunken space." 

Denis Hollier, Against Architecture: The Writings of Georges Bataille

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designing a #choroegraphical #movement  #experience in a #labyrinth,

a #publicsphere for #encounters #collusions #gatherings


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