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MediaArchitecture project: (de+re)compose

2020 winter

Bauhaus University - Weimar

project theme: interactive sonification of garbage

location: Park an der Ilm

advisors: Prof. Dipl.-Des. Bernd Rudolf, Prof. Andreas Kästner, 
Juniorprof. Dr. Reinhard König, Dr.-Ing. Sabine Zierold, Dipl.-Künstler Brian Larson Clark, Dipl.-Architekt Stefan Kraus

“New Nature in Park at the Ilm” is aimed at making awareness of our nature within the context of the climate change. What is actually present in contemporary nature and not as much as perceivable?
While analysing, we realized that there is a data of “garbage” which is
currently not visible in nature, since the waste at the Park is regularly
collected by Klassik Stiftung. Garbage is now ignored and growing as a
more serious threat to world. All waste around the world are forming
a large pile of trash: “7th Continent” which is threathening ecosystem and consequently accelerating climate change.
With (de+re)composition, we aimed at intensifying the multisensory perception of natural phenomena: garbage. Our “new nature” represents a future image of nature where garbage is fundamental component of Earth.

We have walked around Park Ilm, collected and analysed garbage. We
have produced decomposing sound of these elements in order to create a spatial atmosphere accompanied by audio experience. To emphasize the cruciality of the topic, we include actual garbage that will be collected from the Park. In that sense, our installation only suggests a new way of representation of future.


The walls of the installation which consists of plastic bags, will be filled week by week. Visitors will experience a different situation each time they are in tunnel. In time, they will see less of the existing nature and more of the new nature. (de+re)composition adds a new layer of auditory information in order to create an interactive communication between nature and users. While entering the garbage tunnel, visitors become more involved in the display of garbage data. Users would be able to hear the composition of future nature; garbage sounds echoing throughout natural environment.


(de+re)composition offers its visitors to hear the decomposing sound of garbage categorized according to their lifespan while walking through an enclosed tunnel surrounded by waste. The installation is inspired by
water sound of Ilm River and aimed at re-generating water sound as a new
nature element. Before starting their experience, visitors should read “READ ME” sign to understand how our installation functions. Users should activate
the sound of each Zone while entering. Sound clips will be played automatically after visitors approach to the ultrasonic sensor. This action will turn off BLUE LED and will turn on RED LED.

Visitors will enter garbage tunnel from Zone 0, where an explanatory sound clip will be played. (WELCOME TO YOUR FUTURE HOME!) Walking along each Zone, the sounds of different materials will be juxtaposed on top of each other and at the end, create a chaotic experience which would reflect how
pure water sound of current nature will transform into garbage sound
within new nature concept.

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