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screening a text by Le Corbusier: Le Café

2016 fall

TUM - Technical University of Munich- Munich 

Prof. Uta Graff
collaboration with Erik Jurisevic

IMG_6706 sb.jpg

Le Cafe is a scene-creating project that is based on a passage from Le Corbusier’s ‘Journey to the east’.


1/20 model is filmed by using the light and shadow. Space is fictionalized following Le Corbusier’s movement through the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. His descriptive tone was a decent guide in imagining the atmosphere and designing the space.


“I entered it by chance: I was fleeing anywhere to escape the Bazaar. Everything is cool and quiet, for age-old trees mask the sky. Huge gray, red, or white striped linens are suspended from their four corners to tree trunks and their bellies sag to within a few meters of the ground. The foliages diffuse circles of white light that dance upon the grayish patterns of irregularly shaped paving stones. Luxurious little wicker cages in which two divans face each other and, where the coffee is prepared, form on one side an uninterrupted boundary. Turkish houses block the view threading its way into the narrowness of a winding street.”

process photos

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