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a prison village: check-in-visible

2017 spring

TUM - Technical University of Munich- Munich 

Prof. Dr. Stephan Trüby - Dipl.Ing. Elena Markus

Project 02

not a projection of future,
not a proposal,
not a dystopia,
not a utopia,

It is a mirror, it is today , it is now, it is us!






The project alternates between the reality and the fiction version of today’s contemporary life.
It is located on the former Nazi settlement - built for the high-rank SS soldiers to collect information on the Red Army during WWII- which is the original part of the Foreign Intelligence Agency of Germany; in Pullach, Munich.

Symmetric, hierarchical, regular… built on the idea of a perfect family house with its garden and spacious surrounding, the site has been the symbol of observation, information, and surveillance.

By reversing the cameras all around the site, the project creates a kind of prison-village where the habitants -or voluntary prisoners- are watching each other and can be also watched online by the people outside

all the time.

The Project both questions the contradictions and motivations of today and also searches for the possibilities of a new architecture for our new lives which were changed by the social media rapidly.

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