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This is a guerrilla performance in reaction to one art piece –a sound installation by Text group Orbita-  which is part of a contemporary art festival: ‘Survival Kit’ held in Riga. Orbita’s sound installation defines a space that one can not reach: the moment you step into the room, motion detected by the sensor turns the speech into a disturbing noise. So the audience is only allowed to understand the poetry (art) from a distance.

As an audience, I preferred to try to be a part of this inaccessible space in which the borders between sound and noise, meaning and nothingness disappear. My aim was to play with the ‘noise and speech’, ‘silent and sound’, ‘movement and inaction’.


The performance is a combination of the moments that I was manipulated/directed by the sensor of the installation and the moments I discovered ways to manipulate the system. The moment of movement/dance causes ‘a noise’ so to say ‘inanity’ OR is it a way to give a meaning to that inanity?

“…understanding the message and reaching the common space of art requires a degree of effort on the audience’s part that is not always ready or be able to make.”(from the text of Poetry Happening)

In my performance, paradoxically, art becomes understandable only when the audience stays still in an effortless moment.

guerilla performance at festival: Survival Kit

June, 2019 

Riga, Latvia

Ekran Görüntüsü (413).png
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