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"DA DA DIE", performance, Weimar, 2023




I am an interdisciplinary artist/designer who is currently a student in the MediaArchitecture Master Program at Bauhaus University Weimar.

I hold a Bachelor’s in Architecture and have experience in fields like

performance art / contemporary dance / design / architecture.

Currently, my works include new media tools like sensors, animation design, audio-reactive, and interaction design. I like to combine these interactive digital media environments with movement, space and performativity.

I'm interested in observing how our conditioned bodies move under given structures, borders, and hierarchies.

I'm interested in trying to break those borders, decompose them, compose new borders and play within these destruction and construction motives.


I'm interested in discovering storytelling possibilities that spring from bringing different bodies into interaction, bringing different media tools to interact with the bodies…

Sense Or- © K-H Mierke #Buehnenlicht MZ6_8512-NEF_DxO_DeepPRIMEXD.jpg

"Sense Or?", interactive performance, Kassel DOCK 4, 2023



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Body on Hotline, collective public performance, Rijeka 2018

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