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workshop: Body on(hot)line -‘re-creating the body border’

2018 summer

E A S A (European Architecture Student Assembly)

re:easa Croatia



Belçim Yavuz

Diren Ezgi Yıldızkan 

Gizem Seçkin

First presentation video, video maker: Belçim Yavuz

Final presentation video, video maker: Belçim Yavuz

POSTER_ExportIvexMolo_body on

Photo: Willi Dorner, Bodies in Urban Spaces. Le Mouvement, 12th Swiss Sculpture Exhibition 2014

REferring to David Harvey, the world is about socio-spatial relations between billions of bodies. Just like the world, the body needs to build upon itself, from its own waste, its own mistakes, its lessons and its own abandoned potential.

During the workshop, we aimed to rethink on the body by bringing up the questions like: What is body’s own waste? Do we waste our body partially thus as a whole? What is spatio-temporal awareness of body? How do we connect to space and other bodies? What is the border of one’s body? or is there any border at all?
and to discover what its mistakes and abandoned potentials are
by deconstructing and recreating it,


via a series of both theoretical and practical actions like improvisation, contact improvisation, cinematic improvs, performing the space, material interactions, interaction between the bodies, interaction between space and the body…

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