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performans sanatı'göknur gürcan-Recovere
performans sanatı'göknur gürcan-Recovere
performans sanatı'göknur gürcan-Recovere

I’ve started to use mapping as a tool for visualizing the data I’ve found in the books.


Initially, my goal was to ensure the permanence of the information so that I have a source which I can re-read, re-use, reproduce, multiply and enhance. I’ve tried to stick to the books own chronology and its relationship net. So the connections between the names of the groups, institutes, and individuals are arranged firstly; according to the order, so to say chronology, then to their status of being re-mentioned through the book.


These maps include not only the information which is in the book but also side researches and cross-readings. These ‘extra’ data is differentiated by its color. The symbols, colors, bold fonts, strike-through texts - that are shaped during the process - all constructed the language of the map. Since this language displays my own personal tendencies, highlights or interests, the map appears as ‘a’ way among the other thousands of possible ways.


The mapping also appears as a deconstructive method that enables us to isolate the elements of a holistic continuous text; first to realize their positions in a whole and then to play with, dislocate, re-arrange.

mapping public shere by performance.jpg
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